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Empowering Indian Girls and Women

At, we believe in the power of education and career guidance to transform lives.

“Your Own Path” is our initiative dedicated to empowering Indian girls and women to take charge of their futures. We provide the resources, support, and inspiration needed to navigate the journey towards educational and professional success. Our goal is to foster an environment where every girl and woman can pursue her dreams, break barriers, and build a fulfilling career.

Education is the cornerstone of empowerment.

However, in India, many girls face significant challenges in accessing quality education. According to recent statistics, only 66% of girls complete secondary education, and just 27% pursue higher education. At, we aim to change these numbers. Through our “Your Own Path” program, we offer scholarships, mentorship, and skill-building workshops to help girls stay in school and excel academically. We partner with local communities and schools to ensure that every girl has the opportunity to learn and grow.
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Career guidance is equally crucial in empowering women.
Despite advancements, women in India continue to face a gender pay gap, earning 20% less than their male counterparts . “Your Own Path” provides comprehensive career counseling, job readiness training, and networking opportunities to help women navigate the workforce confidently. We also advocate for policies that support equal pay and work environments free from discrimination. By equipping women with the tools and knowledge they need, we are helping them carve out their own paths to success.

Together, we can create a world

Where every girl and woman in India has the opportunity to build a bright and successful future. Join us at and be part of this transformative journey.