Menstrual Health & Support

At Kaysha, we believe that menstrual health is

a fundamental aspect of girls empowerment and overall well-being. We are dedicated to breaking the silence around menstruation, providing essential education, and ensuring access to necessary resources for women and girls across India.

Understanding Menstrual Health

Menstrual health is vital for the physical and emotional well-being of women and girls. Unfortunately, many still face stigma, lack of information, and inadequate resources regarding menstruation. At Kaysha, we aim to change that by:

  • Providing Education: Offering comprehensive menstrual health education to demystify menstruation, dispel myths, and promote a positive and informed approach to menstrual health.

Increasing Awareness: Conducting workshops and campaigns to raise awareness about menstrual health and hygiene, and encouraging open conversations within communities.

Access to Menstrual Hygiene Products

Access to affordable and sustainable menstrual hygiene products is crucial. Kaysha works to:

  • Distribute Hygiene Kits: Provide menstrual hygiene kits, including sanitary pads, menstrual cups, and other essentials to women and girls in underserved areas.
  • Promote Sustainable Options: Educate on and distribute sustainable menstrual products like reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups to reduce environmental impact and promote long-term health benefits.
Creating Safe and Supportive Environments

A supportive environment is essential for menstrual health. Kaysha strives to:

  • Build Safe Spaces: Create safe spaces where women and girls can discuss their menstrual health concerns openly and receive support and guidance.

Engage Men and Boys: Involve men and boys in menstrual health education to foster understanding and support within families and communities.

Advocacy and Policy

Kaysha is committed to advocating for policies that support menstrual health and hygiene, including:

  • Policy Advocacy: Working with policymakers to implement and improve menstrual health policies and ensure that menstrual hygiene management is prioritized in schools and workplaces.
  • Community Engagement: Collaborating with community leaders to promote menstrual health and hygiene practices and advocate for necessary infrastructural improvements.

Join Kaysha in our mission

To improve menstrual health and support for women and girls across India. Together, we can create a future where menstruation is understood, respected, and managed with dignity.